At this place I dump some photos where I think people should see it. My wife also has a few photos on her outdated homepage.

Some Panoramas

Dublin at night

Dublin at night (1s, f/2.8, ISO400, IXUS 750).
Cropped version (1000x361), original is 6440x2322 (54cm x 19cm @300dpi). Unfortunately the exposure was quite long, and the CCD isn't that good on the IXUS 750. 29.06.2006 00:58.

Dublin at night (denoised)

This is the same as the above, but friend of mine put this as original through a denoise program before cropping it. No idea what he exactly did, but the result is amazing, although a little bit of a loss in color dynamics.

Denmark in the morning (1/1000s, f/5.6, Canon PowerShot S45).
This is a pano from 9 photos a friend (Jan Schäfer) shot during a trip in denmark. I stitched them together, which was quite some effort, since the images are from three years ago, and I didn't remember all the infos needed. And the Exif didn't contain them too. Cropped version (1000x143), original is 11423x1631 (96cm x 14cm @300dpi). 24.09.2003 07:57.


These images contain some effect that was created with photoshop.

Ja! Cool!

A shop near Christ Church (1/320s, f/4.5, IXUS 750).
Who want's to know what it means, just ask Richie. Cropped version (640x480), original is 3072x2304. 28.06.2006 15:56.

Natural Images

These images are natural photos. The only editing involved was adjusting settings like color balance, exposure etc.

Whats this?

Guess what this is. Send me a mail. I will write down your guesses here.
Actual guesses:

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