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The patches on this site are always against the mentioned revision of the CHDK trunk, unless stated otherwise. Whenever I update locally to a new revision of the trunk, I will no longer update my version of the patch for older revisions. That means, if I implemented new features they are likely only against the latests trunk revision, not against older revisions. Those will then maybe not contain bugs introduced since then.
There is no versioning from me within my patches. For new patches, only new features since the last will be added.
Sorry, there was something wrong with my working dir, so only recent patches are included now.

This patch will create a big number of new files. These are a new independent set of makefiles intended for parallel builds. Look at for further info (and use via make -f

Version Patch Comment
r555 r 555 Nothing fancy, mainly just after an svn up. I am currently trying to integrate some kind of "real" raw support but this code is not included to cause no harm. stay tuned.
r557 r 557 After some svn up this now also includes properly the optional build things, using the same
This build also features a bunch of more comments in the files that should have made it into the diff file that explain a few of the changes being done, where its not dead obvious.
r563 r 563 Again mainly just a new version after an svn up. Fixed is now the storage of the config whether edge overlay is also enabled in play mode. Or at least should be ;)
r593 r 593 Most of the edge overlay stuff is now in the trunk, so this is now mainly only my tiny style enhancements plus the usual whole new makefile only.

Added crw_ (lowercase) as an additional possible prefix for raw files. This is because on my cam (vxworks, possibly on others too) if the filename fits into 8.3 and is all uppercase, it is automatically saved as completely lowercase, no matter what you specified. Maybe thats a "feature" of FAT32 too. Unfortunately the continuous mode pictures have longer filenames, so they are saved with uppercase CRW_ and are saved as such in VFAT format. This means that for all my scripts I would need to copy all C* and c* files which is simply too annoying for me ;)

r599 r 599 So, finally all the edge overlay things are in the trunk and this patch only consists of the new makefile structure capable of parallel builds, and a debug tool for searching propcases and parameter datas securely, in an action replay kind of way.
r613 r 613 Also the action replay stuff is in now in, at least for the propcases. parameters is still pending. So this patch is mainly the new makefile structure, and something that makes the new dng support useful: Be able to use .dng as an extension for your files. Of course, you must use it with care, as with the usb protocol stuff you will likely not be able to transfer the files. But since you already have a card reader to put chdk on your card...
r650 r 650 Not only just an update from the trunk but also a fix of the make clean path from my own set of makefiles.
r665 r 665 Fixed a bug that could lead to some settings constantly being wiped. Also fixed the majority of generic code warnings, so whats left should be only the warnings not for my own architecture. This should enable us to always use -Wextra which has lots of useful warnings that can help preventing bugs.
r701 r 701 After an svn and resolving the conflicts at least my ixus compiles again ;)
r727 r 727 This adds Tv based exposures up to 2048 seconds to the chdk! Unfortunately currently only for my ixus950is but it shouldn't be hard for you to add your cam yourself, following this example...
Update: Now it should contain also patches for the a530, a710 and a570, however I could not test them because I do not have these cams.

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